The genesis of Barakat dates back to 1976 with our humble beginnings in the trade of fresh vegetables and fruits – a tradition that Barakat has preserved to date. Barakat continues to be the most trusted source for a fascinatingly diverse spectrum of foods - from the mundane to exotic, and from the essentials to the esoteric. In addition to fresh Fruits & Vegetables, Barakat has added more convenience to the portfolio with Cut & Packed Fruits & Vegetables, Freshly Squeezed Juices, Fresh Salads, Healthy Soups, Ice Cream and Ice Pops made with fresh fruits & vegetables. Quality, Freshness and Health is at the heart of every Barakat product and every Barakati lives by that promise.

Barakat products include:

Barakat Vegetables & Fruits - sourced from all around the world, including citrus fruits from South Africa, Onions from India, Melons from Australia, Parsley and mint leaves from Jordan, Kiwi fruit from Italy and products from many more destinations, Barakat offers the finest and freshest vegetables & fruits to a cross section of UAE consumers.

Barakat Juices - the cold, pure, fresh and flavorsome juices from Barakat are undoubtedly the best-selling products in its category. Uncompromising in its promise to serve it fresh, alive and straight from the best quality of fruits, our juices are freshly squeezed with no additives and preservatives and have to be stored at 2°C to 4°C at all times.

Fruit & Vegetable Salads - a collection of fine veggie and fruit salad preparations with customer health at the heart of every preparation.

Hot Soups - lip-smacking rich soups for the ones looking for superior taste from the freshest ingredients

Our History

The name Barakat, literally translates as ‘Prosperity’ from the Arabic. It was chosen for the Barakat Vegetables & Fruits Company in 1976, when the organization was founded in Dubai. Evolving steadily through decades of hard work, Barakat continues to be inspired by visionary leadership and customer-centric corporate philosophy. Catalyzed by widespread product acceptance and superior service quality, Barakat has grown to spread its footprint throughout the UAE. The company has evolved and sustained a vital international sourcing network for fruits and vegetables of the highest quality standards from the best farms all around the world.

Our Founder

At Barakat, we owe our success to the foresight and principles laid out by our Founder, Mr. Mahmood Fouladfard. These principles – which continue to guide us today - include Barakat’s professional approach, superior service quality, premium fresh products and unwavering customer focus. Mr. Mahmood Fouladfard continues to be an active Board member at Barakat to this day.

Our Customers

The prime area of Barakat’s focus has always been the dependable supply of fresh fruits and vegetables to 5-star hotels, ‘A’ grade Super Markets, Major Airline Catering Companies, Ruler’s Palaces, Royal Families and other premium entities. We pride ourselves on the longstanding and excellent relations with most hospitality and retail sector partners in the UAE. With a large network of suppliers from around the world, Barakat has ensured that the varied needs of each customer are consistently.

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