Baby Carrot

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Baby carrots are orange and has a crispy texture and considered to be superior in texture, taste, sweetness and appearance. The roots are cylindric and tapered, coming to a point at their root's end with green tops resembling the lacy look and grassy taste of parsley. Baby carrots are more tender and on average much sweeter than their mature counterparts.
Baby carrot are good source of Vitamin A and K. Vitamin A helps ensure good vision, healthy skin and proper immune function. You need vitamin A for cell reproduction. Vitamin K is largely an unsung nutrient, but this crucial vitamin is needed for blood clotting and production of certain bone proteins.

·       Baby carrots aren’t born tiny They are cut from a special type of carrot variety that grows slim and tender

·       The urban legend that 'eating large quantities of carrots helps us to see in the dark' was developed from stories started in World War II. British gunners were shooting down German planes at night and to cover up the fact that it was the effective use of radar technologies that was achieving this, the RAF circulated a story about their pilots' high level of carrot consumption.

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