Cabbage Spring

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Country of Origin : Holland
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Cabbage Spring is dark green, coarser, often tougher and bright yellow internal color. It is more strongly flavoured than cabbages that form a closed head, Spring greens are packed full of iron and vitamins - a real 'super-food'.
Anti-inflammatory Agent,Improves Vision,Weight Loss,Improves Brain Health,Improves Bones,Regulates Blood Pressure,Skin Care,Detoxifies the Body,Reduces Muscle Aches

·       Rid yourself of that terrible migraine by drinking raw cabbage juice daily, or placing a warm compress filled with crushed cabbage on your forehead.

·       Not all cabbages are small, some are huge. The Bonnie Mega-Cabbage (aka OS Cross), which can weigh 30 to 50 pounds at maturity.

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