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coriander have dark green, smooth, hairless, soft leaves that vary in shape from broad-lobed at the base and slender, feathery higher up near its flowering tops.The aroma is refreshing, soapy, piney, slightly lemony aroma with mint and pepper overtones.
Lowers Skin Inflammation,Treats Skin Disorders,Lowers Cholesterol Levels,Treats Diarrhea,Regulates Blood Pressure,Treats Mouth Ulcers,Improves Bone Health,Cures Smallpox,Treats Conjunctivitis,Controls Diabetes.

·       Ancient Egyptians believed that coriander can be used as food in the afterlife. Ancient Greeks used coriander as a source of food and as an ingredient of perfumes.

·       Coriander is believed to be one of the most ancient herbs, as evidenced by references as far back as 1550 B.C.  It was also mentioned in the Bible and found in tombs of pharaohs.

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