Mushroom - Oyster

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Country of Origin : Holland
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Oysters may be one of the more intimidating mushrooms in appearance, since they look nothing like the common button mushroom. But they are simple to prepare and offer a delicate and sweet flavor. 
Lower Cholesterol,Treat Anemia,Prevent Cancer,Prevent Diabetes,Improve Bone Health,Nutrient Absorption,Boost Immune System,Lower Blood Pressure,Weight Loss,Increase Iron Absorption.

·       First cultivated in Germany to help feed people during World War I, they Are also known as Oyster Shelf, Straw Mushroom, Tree Oyster, Hiratake and Tamogitake in Japanese, píng gu in China and Sadafi in Iran

·       The Oyster mushroom ormycelia will kill and eat nematodes (small roundworms) and bacteria, making them one of the few carnivorous mushrooms.

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