Onion Baby Pearl

Item Code : I - 10611 - 004
Country of Origin : Holland
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AED 8.00
250.00 GMS AED 32.00 / KG
Small and sweet, these adorable onions come in red, yellow or white. Enjoy them whole either roasted, pickled or in stews.
Improved Immunity,Blood sugar control,Fighting Inflammation,Healthy heart, Cancer prevention,Pain Relief,Prevents Gastric Ulcers.

·       Sliced onion can sooth insect bites and burns on the skin. In addition, when combined with crushed aspirin and little water, slices of onion are also used as a folk treatment to cure warts.

·       One effective way to get rid of bad breath after eating raw onions is to chew on a fresh sprig of parsley that has been dipped in salt or vinegar.

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