Potato Agria

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Country of Origin : Holland
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Agria potatoes are oblong in shape with pale yellow to light golden skin. Agria potatoes have shallow eyes on their semi-smooth surface and are a large variety. The flesh is firm, smooth, and has a deep yellow hue. Agria potatoes have a floury, fluffy, and starchy texture. 
Easy to Digest,Skin Care,Treat Scurvy,Reduce Inflammation,Prevent Cancer,Lower Blood Pressure,Proper Functioning of Brain,Prevent Heart Diseases,Treat Kidney Stones,Treat Diarrhea.

·       Agria potatoes were developed in Luneburg, Germany in the 1980s by an agricultural company called Kartoffelzucht Bohm. 

·       A potato is about 80% water and 20% solid.

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