Horse Radish

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Country of Origin : Austria
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Horseradish is a long, rough, tapering root and tiny roots sprouting from the main root. Horseradish that brings tears to the eyes and heat to the tongue. Isothiocyanate is the compound that gives off the heat when exposed by eating or crushing horseradish.
Boosts Immunity & Prevents Cancer,Weight Loss,Lowers Blood Pressure,Improves Digestion,Improves Bone Health,Helps in Pregnancy,Boosts Metabolism,Acts as Antibacterial Agent.

·       Before being named “horseradish,” the plant was known as “redcole” in England and as “stingnose” in some parts of the U.S.

·       It has been used for so long, that no one knows for sure when and where it originated. The ancient Greeks used it, so did the Jews in their exodus from Egypt in 1500 BC. It is one of the 5 bitter herbs of the Jewish Passover.

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