Honey Dew Melon

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Honeydew Melon is a member of the melon family of fruits and usually has pale green sweet and juicy flesh inside a hard rind. Honeydew melon is one of summer's supreme pleasure
Honeydew melon has high soluble fibre content, which helps reduce high cholesterol levels. As honeydew melon stores water in its flesh, the juice extract can supply your body with essential minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, iron and zinc. The fruit also has insoluble fibre which aids digestion. A glass of honeydew melon juice can cure constipation and bloating instantly.

·       The ancient Egyptians regarded the honeydew as sacred and it was only reserved for society’s elite. Famous historical figures who loved the fruit include Cleopatra, Napoleon Bonaparte and Pope Paul II.


·       In China, the honeydew is called the Wallace melon. When former U.S. Vice President Henry Wallace visited China in the early 1940’s, he distributed melon seeds to the local farmers; thus, he is said to be the one who first introduced the honeydew to China.

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Honey Dew Melon
Country of origin : Honduras

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