Orange Navel

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Country of Origin : Spain
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AED 2.50
500.00 GMS AED 5.00 / KG
Navel Oranges or eating orange have a lack of seeds, easily-to-peel skin, and deliciously juicy flesh bursting with citrus flavor makes it a must have for any fruit lover. Extra-big, beautiful, very low in acid and filled with mild, sweet flesh.
Drinking orange juice regularly prevents kidney diseases and reduces the risk of kidney. Oranges are full of vitamin C, which protects cells by neutralizing free radicals. Free radicals cause chronic diseases, like cancer and heart disease. Since they’re full of soluble fiber, oranges are helpful in lowering cholesterol.

·        Oranges act as a deodorizer: When your garbage disposal smells, place orange peels in the disposal, and let it run 30 seconds. You can also place orange peels in garbage bags, shoes or socks if they have a bad odor.

·        The original navel orange was discovered growing as a mutation on a sweet orange tree in Brazil. Seeds were brought to California, where a navel orange tree produced its first fruit

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