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Physalis is encased in an unusual, lantern-like husk, glossy orange fruit is a small round yellow berry.The tangy fruit is full of soft small edible seeds. It has mildly tart flavor and sweet with a pleasing grape-like tang taste.
Physalis is a widely used for dealing with hepatitis, malaria, rheumatism cancer, dermatitis and asthma. Physalis is the best source of Vitamin B3 (niacin) that plays a role in increasing blood flow to particular parts, it may also help relieve arthritis pain by boosting blood flow towards painful areas

·       In French, the Physalis is known as “amour en cage” (love in a cage), referring to its paper wrapper.

·      The Physalis is also known as Goldenberry. Other names include: Cape gooseberry, Pichuberry (named after Machu Picchu in Peru), Incan Golden Berries, Aztec berry, ground cherry and poha.

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