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Rambutan is a small round shaped fruit, it is the same size as a lychee and it has leathery skin. The skin is covered in soft spines which are green to dark red. Rambutan flesh is juicy, milky- white, translucent in color, with a grape-like, gelatinous texture surrounding a central seed with and almond-like taste. The flavor of a Rambutan is more acidic than the lychee, sweet and very aromatic.
The carbohydrates and protein content of rambutan help to increase the energy and prevent bloating. Rambutan is also rich in water, which helps to regain the lost energy and quenches thirst.

·        Rambutan grows on well drained, fertile, loamy or sandy soils at altitudes of 1,600 feet.

·       A home-made hair mask made of crushed rambutan leaves and water nourishes the hair and improves its quality.

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