Papaya Ripe

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Country of Origin : Thailand
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Papaya fruits are smooth-skinned. They vary widely in size and shape, depending on variety and type of plant. The fruits usually contain many seeds surrounded by a smooth yellow to orange-red flesh that is sweet in taste.

Papaya is rich sources of antioxidant nutrients such as carotenes, vitamin C and flavonoids; the B vitamins and the minerals, potassium, copper, and magnesium; and fibre. Together, these nutrients promote the health of the cardiovascular system and also provide protection against colon cancer.

·       We usually refer to the papaya plant as a tree. However, the reality is that the ‘tree’ is a gigantic herb.

·        There was a time when papaya was considered as an exotic fruit because it was found in Mexico and Central America. Today however, it is one of the most widely produced fruits across the world.

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