Sweet Tamarind

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Country of Origin : Thailand
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This exotic-looking fruit has a pod-like shape and is often curved. As the fruit ripens, the brown shell separates from the meat and the fruit has a fleshy, juicy, acidulous pulp. 

 Tamarind has a long history of medicinal use. It was traditionally used to help ease stomach discomfort, aid digestion and promote better bowel movement. Tamarind is also a good source of thiamin, iron, magnesium and phosphorus, as well tartaric acid, which provides not just a zing to the taste buds but also powerful antioxidant action, zapping harmful free radicals floating through your system. It also provides your body with niacin, calcium, vitamin C, copper and pyridoxine.

The name “tamarind” comes from Arabic “tamar hindi”, meaning “Indian date.”

Tamarind lumber is used to make furniture, carvings, turned objects, chopping blocks, and other small specialty wood items.

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Sweet Tamarind
Country of origin : Thailand

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