1. February 25, 2020

    Zenia Menon Bio:

    Zenia earned her bachelor’s degree in Food Science, Nutrition, & Dietetics from Mumbai, India, and a Master's Degree in Sports Nutrition & Exercise Science from University of Chester, UK. She comes from a background of vast experience in the field of Sports, Nutrition, and Dietetics. 

    With over 7yrs of experience in the field of food, nutrition, and dietetics, and having worked in three different countries, Zenia understands the requirements of her clients with careful assessments and guides them as per their required goals. However, her main aim is to promote wellness and healthy eating to people at a larger scale through communities. Her continual goal is for people to have a sound awareness and understanding about the quality & quantity o

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  2. February 25, 2020


    If you’re one of the many who have tried numerous diets to achieve your target, you’re probably aware or may have even tried the keto diet. So what is the keto diet and what can it do for you?

    The keto diet traditionally demands a high fat (75%), high protein (20%) approach while keeping carbohydrates (5%) to the bare minimum. The aim is to push your body to start ‘burning fat’ as the main fuel as opposed to using glycogen stores from muscle and other parts of the body. By making that switch, it will enable your body to be in ‘ketosis’, and burn stored fat rather than burn sugar (glycogen). 

    ‘’Did you know; fat is your body’s second preferred source of energy when carbohydrates are not easily available.’’

    Knowing which keto friendly foods to consume can be challenging. So look no further, here at Barakat we have carefully des

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  3. February 25, 2020

    Kids Healthy Meals

    ‘Fun food ideas, picky eaters, how to get kids to eat their veggies, healthy recipe ideas for kids’…etc. sound familiar? Few of the most talked about topics among moms on how to get their kids to eat healthy foods. It can be overwhelming to find the number of results when you search online. 

    We at Barakat believe in helping you and your kid become the healthiest versions of yourselves by serving you the best of fresh every day. Our aim is to educate and encourage children of all age group to make their own choice of healthy meals and balanced plate. 

    Children have their own nutritional needs for healthy growth and development. The right balance of vitamins and minerals is the key, with ideal combinations of colourful vegetables, fruits, healthy fats like nuts, seeds, good quality proteins

    Get inspired with Barakats’ fresh fruits

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