The genesis of Barakat dates to 1976 with our humble beginnings in the trade of fresh vegetables and fruits. With decades of experience in sustaining the vibrant international sourcing network for fruits and vegetables of the highest quality standards from the best farms all around the world, we strive to be the most trusted source for healthy food in UAE

Being the trusted supplier of fresh produce to 5-star hotels, leading supermarket chains, major airline catering companies, prominent families and other premium entities, we value our longstanding and excellent relations with most hospitality and retail sector partners in the UAE. With a large network of suppliers from around the world, Barakat has ensured that the varied needs of each customer are consistently met

Barakat means ‘Prosperity’ in Arabic. We measure ourselves in terms of the customer delight delivered, staying true to our values of quality, compassion, and innovation

Barakat products include:

  • Fresh Vegetables - Regular & Organic Vegetables, Cut & Sanitized Vegetables
  • Fresh Fruits - Cut Fruits & Fruit Platters and Fruit Baskets
  • Barakat Fresh Juices (no added sugar, no preservatives, just fruit in a bottle!) - Single Fruit Juices, Fresh Blends, Keto Juices, Immunity-boosting Juice Shots (60ml)
  • Barakat Ice-creams
  • Fresh Juice-popsicles
  • Salads & Crudités
  • Dairy & Eggs
  • Bakery and more!

With the new online shopping experience, Barakat is your go-to online grocer for the freshest fruits, vegetables, fruit juices, salads, ice creams, juice-pops & more. A convenient, user friendly e-grocery store, we bring to you the largest variety of fresh produce from the best sources around the world. With same day or next day delivery via hygienic, food-grade refrigerated vehicles, we ensure freshness & quality remain intact till your doorstep

Order from your smart phone or your laptop in a jiffy and enjoy our fresh juices, ice creams and ice pops too!

Barakat - Serving you the best of Fresh