Barakat Rewards FAQs

This guide will help you learn more about Barakat Rewards Program.

What is Barakat Rewards?

Barakat Rewards is a program launched to reward loyal Barakat customers, which offers flexibility to earn and spend FreshCoins and access to exclusive deals and freebies when you shop online or refer a friend to shop at Barakat. There are no loyalty cards to carry, no membership number to remember, simply log into your account and all details are available at your fingertips.

What is FreshCoin?

You earn Fresh Coins every time you shop at Barakat from your very first order 10 FreshCoins is equivalent to 1 AED which can be redeemed anytime on your next orders.

How many membership tiers are there?

We have kept it simple. Only 2 tiers. a. Pro membership – once you sign up, you are enrolled into pro membership. b. VIP membership – After completing 3 successful orders, you are promoted to VIP membership. Please see below for more details on the benefits Take note you should have completed 3 or more orders greater than 100 AED each. For instance, in case you have placed 3 orders worth 150 AED, 180 AED and 80 AED, you shall not be eligible for VIP membership. However, on placing the 4th order above 100 AED, you shall be promoted to VIP membership immediately.

What are the benefits of the Barakat Rewards Program?

Barakat believes in rewarding customers for their loyalty towards the brand. Pro members earn 10% FreshCoins of the total shopping value. They keep on earning FreshCoins, however they are not eligible for redeeming FreshCoins. Only VIP members are eligible for redemption. VIP members earn 20% FreshCoins on the total shopping value, however on Sundays and Wednesdays, they earn 100% on the total shopping value. These FreshCoins can be redeemed any time during the next consecutive order placed. VIP members also get access to special deals run every week for selected products. VIP members also earn 2X points on certain categories if purchased. VIP members get access to priority customer service in case of any issues faced.

How does Barakat Referral Plan work?

Simply refer your friend or dear ones and get 250 FreshCoins once referee places and completes and completed successfully. You earn 250 FreshCoins and on successfully completing the order. However, in both cases, you shall be able to redeem FreshCoins once you become a VIP member.

How do I become a VIP member?

Simply complete 3 successful orders with Barakat and you will be automatically promoted to VIP membership. In case you have earlier shopped more than 3 orders before the launch of the loyalty program, you shall be required to complete 1 more order successfully to become a VIP member. Take note to qualify for VIP membership, you should have completed 3 orders or more (100 AED worth each) over the last 60 days.

How do I retain my VIP membership?

To retain VIP membership, you need to complete 3 successful orders within span of 2 months (60 days). In case above condition is not met, you shall be downgraded to Pro membership and loose all benefits.

Can I use FreshCoins along with Voucher Code or discount code?

Yes, these are separate and can be used independently. Checkout page has separate fields to redeem voucher/discount codes and FreshCoins.

How will I know if I have received FreshCoins?

An email shall be sent out on the registered email address mentioning details about the FreshCoins received. Alternatively, you can also login into your account and check Rewards section under My Accounts to get more details.

Will I be notified in case my FreshCoins are nearing expiry?

Yes, we shall notify you 15 days in advance about FreshCoins expiry through email. However, it is recommended to check the Rewards section under My Accounts to get more details.