Recycle & Win

Recycle used plastic bottle & win 6 months’ supply of fresh produce from Barakat

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  1. Download Zeloop mobile app for Android or IOS
  2. Register with your phone number, Facebook or Google account
  3. Go to “Eco Missions” to find Bee’ah’s eco mission
  4. Click on “Participate” to join the Bee’ah Rewards Eco Mission for the current month and start recycling.


  1. Bee’ah Rewards has 3 categories for winners, along with a prize for everyone who has recycled at least 1 plastic bottle.
  2. Winners will be chosen from the following 3 categories:
    1. Small category recyclers: 100 to 500 bottles recycled
    2. Medium category recyclers: 500 to 1000 bottles recycled
    3. Large category recyclers:1000+ bottles recycled

Happy Recycling!

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