• Is it a special or limited range of juices that have biodegradable packaging?

    No. Our entire range of juices, smoothies and super-ingredient shots now come in our new biodegradable bottles, for good.

  • Are the new bottles recyclable?

    Yes it is recyclable

  • Is it home-compostable?

    No. Home Composting is best suited for bio-based materials- food scraps, plant cuttings etc-that biodegrade at a faster rate

    Our Bottles have an organic compound that enables bio-degradation in industrial landfill conditions

  • Is the new packaging as good as you claim?

    Yes, it is US FDA compliant

  • Why the sudden change of heart?

    We strive to be at the forefront of innovation, always. After thorough research and studies, this is a simple and practically viable solution given the prevailing recycling and landfill conditions in the UAE

  • If the technology exists, why aren't other brands making the switch too?

    As a market leader it is imperative that we drive innovative ideas to our valued consumers. Together let’s make a real difference