Healthy Bread Sliced 750g

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We pride ourselves on our oven-fresh varieties of Healthy Bread (Sliced) since it contains the goodness of wheat bran, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds, etc.

Our sliced bread is the best choice for breakfast and lunch sandwiches. You can enjoy the delicious taste our customers are raving about today!


Wheat flour, whole meal flour, Wheat Bran,water, yeast, Salt,Improver,Pumpkin Seed,Flax Seed,Sesame Seeds, Turmeric powder,Ginger powder,Garlic & Cinnamon powder                                                       

Allergens; Wheat gluten,Sesame seeds

Nutritional Value/100g

Calories 366.1 kcal,Total Fat 19.9 g g( 26 %),Cholesterol 0 mg (0%),Sodium 160 mg
(7%),Total Carbohydrate 37.5
g (14%),Protein 11.2g (22%)

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