Orange Navel 950-1000g

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Navel oranges are a thick-skinned seedless citrus fruit. Navel oranges derive their name from their resemblance to the human navel.  These oranges taste sweet with moderate tanginess. Navel oranges are winter fruit since it is available during December and June where January and February are the peak months. Navel oranges contain a compound called Limonin which makes them unsuitable for juices since the juice once exposed to oxygen becomes sour. Navel oranges can be served as a dessert or salad dressing.


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Storage Info: These oranges should be refrigerated and it should be consumed within 3 days of delivery. If kept in open then it should be kept in a container that has openings from all sides to allow fresh air flow.

Health Fact: Vitamin C helps in preventing skin damage from direct sun.

Pack Size: 1 Kg