Fruit & Nut premium Basket

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Prepared Fresh. Made with Fresh Fruits
Platter prepared only after order Confirmation.

Wooden box 1 pc
Plastic jars 3 pc 3  pc
Dates 330 gm 
Cashews & Almonds 200 gm
Apricot 200 gm
Baby Pineapple 1 pc 500 gm
Banana  6 pc 1300 gm
Mandarin 3 pc 300 gm
Plums 4  pc 300 gm
Green Grapes 200 gm
Red Grapes 200 gm
Pears 4 pc 450 gm
Kiwi 3 pc 320 gm
Red Apple 4 pc 650 gm
Green Apple 4 pc 650 gm
Golden Apple 4 pc 550 gm


Barakat presents a rich in nutrition fruit basket option which is ideal for gifting during the festive season. This fruit hamper is packaged in a wooden box and it contains an assortment of seasonal fruits like apricot, baby pineapple, banana, golden apple, kiwi, plum, pear, red globe grapes along with dates, mixed nuts like almond, cashew. Each item in the basket goes through a rigrous quality check and it is recommended that fresh fruits are consumed within 3 days of delivery. Most of the items in the basket would require refrigeration.

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