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Orange Valencia 2.8-3Kg Bag

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Valencia oranges derive their name from Valencia city in Spain where these oranges were first hybridized. Valencia oranges are sweet in taste and these oranges are very juicy which makes them excellent for juices. These oranges have seeds in them. Valencia oranges are available during March and September with April to June being the peak season. The fruit size could range between 2.7 Inches to 3 Inches in diameter. Valencia oranges are a powerful souce of anti-oxidants and are loaded with fiber, vitamin c, folate and electrolytes which promote overall health.


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Storage Info: These oranges should be refrigerated and it should be consumed within 3 days of delivery. If kept in open then it should be kept in a container which has openings from all sides to allow fresh air flow.

Health Guide: Beat the summer with a cool and super-hydrating fresh Valencia orange juice extracted at home.

Health Fact: Vitamin C helps in preventing skin damage from direct sun.

Pack Size: 3 Kg

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